The 2023 Chain Catalyst Year in Review

Lessons from the first year.

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Hi folks 👋,

This is the last issue of Chain Catalyst in 2023.

I can’t believe it has been a year since we started this publication. What started as a project has turned into 120,000 words over 200 issues, generating 857,000+ impressions and counting. Not too shabby.

Today, I want to take the opportunity to recap what we’ve achieved.

Consistency is key, and I am proud and grateful to have reached this milestone. This publication also wouldn’t be possible without my partner, Karon, and the other team members who help us with day-to-day operations.

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Chain Venturer Interviews

Starting in mid-2023, I began interviewing crypto investors to gain better insights into their background and investment theses. In total, I’ve chatted with:

I’m extremely grateful to all of you subscribers who have made it possible for us to continue developing this publication into 2024.

Personally, it has been a rewarding year of writing and connecting with various crypto builders and investors. 2023 is also the year when I began connecting with more Asia-based crypto professionals, having spent the majority of my professional working career in the US crypto scene prior.

We have many other things planned out next year. Some will work, some won’t, but I’m confident that we’ll continue to bring the most value to our readers with new products and content initiatives.

Until next time,


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