Saylor’s $615M Christmas Shopping

Metis $390M Grant | $1.8B Exploited in 2023

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Good Morning. The market dumps briefly but dip buyers came in strong even during this holiday season. That said, we need the funding rates to go down to a healthier level — otherwise, the potential dump post the Bitcoin ETF news might be severe.

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  • What Matters: MSTR bought $615M BTC 🛒

  • Founders Highlight: Henrik of ChromaWay 🌐

  • Deal Flows: Metis’s $390M grant💰

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Narratives: The alt L1 and L2 rotation trade continues, but proceed with caution as funding rates stay high.


MicroStrategy Bought $615M in BTC

State of play: MicroStrategy purchased approximately 14,620 bitcoins worth around $615.7M between November 30 and December 26, according to its Form 8-K.

  • The average price of the purchase was $42,110 per BTC.

  • MSTR now owns 189,150 bitcoins bought for about $5.9B.

  • As of December 26, MSTR has sold 1M shares, earning $610M, as part of a plan to raise $750M.

Why it matters: MicroStrategy is a key player in BTC market liquidity dynamics. Via financial engineering, MSTR arguably has an unlimited amount of leverage if price continues to go up.

For builders and investors: The market often dumps after MSTR’s purchase was announced as traders realized that the strength of the rally was primarily dominated by one entity.



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Henrik Hjelte of ChromaWay (Chromia)

Henrik Hjelte is the co-founder and CEO of ChromaWay, a Swedish blockchain startup founded in 2014 that is developing a blockchain network with its proprietary programming language through a project called Chromia.

Previous backgrounds: Henrik is a seasoned IT consultant, he started his career in 1988 as an IT consultant in several companies in Europe. In 2014 he founded ChromaWay.

  • Henrik holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration and Economics from Uppsala University.

The big idea: Henrik is building Chromia to help builders easily build dApps. Chromia is developing the first-ever relational feeless (no transaction fees for end users) modular blockchain.

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$1.8B Lost in 2023 Crypto Hacks

Credits to Immunefi for the original research.

Immunefi reported that In 2023, $1.8B was lost in the web3 ecosystem, with $1.7B from 247 hacks and $103M from 110 fraud incidents, mostly involving Mixin Network and Euler Finance.

Here are the key takeaways from the report:

  • This number represents a 54.2% decrease compared to total losses in 2022 when hackers and fraudsters stole ~$4B.

  • Mixin Network and Euler Finance exploits totalled $397M in 2023, 22% of the year's total crypto losses.

  • Hacks caused 94.3% of crypto losses in 2023, compared to 5.7% from frauds, scams, and rug pulls.

  • The Lazarus Group stole $308.6M in 2023, 17% of the year's total losses, targeting Atomic Wallet, CoinEx, Alphapo, Stake, and CoinsPaid.

  • DeFi continued to be the main target of successful exploits at 77.3% as compared to CeFi at 22.7% of the total losses.

  • BNB Chain and Ethereum were the most targeted, with 133 and 95 incidents respectively, accounting for 41.6% and 29.8% of losses.


Metis’s $390M Ecosystem Development Fund

Deal flows slowed as we enter the holiday season 📉 — we saw $11M+ in deals.

This month, MetisDAO launched a fund consisting of 4.6M $METIS (~$380M) to boost development and adoption in the Metis ecosystem.

  • The fund will go to “sequencer mining, retroactive funding, deployment of new projects and other endeavours.”

  • The distribution of funds is planned for Q1 2024.

  • Potential recipients include those looking to build NFTs, DeFi, smart contract development and blockchain security in the Metis ecosystem.

Deal flows in the past week:


  • Blast hits $1.1B in TVL.

  • Worldcoin launches in Singapore.

  • DeFiance Exec departs to join Chromia.

  • Monex Group acquires majority stake in 3iQ.

  • Swell sees over $125M of inflows in December.

  • $11B crypto options set to expired at the end of 2023.

  • India Regulatory Agency seeks to ban Binance and Kraken.

  • PancakeSwap proposes to reduce the CAKE token supply by 300M.

  • Canadian Exchange Catalyx ceases all trading following security breach.

  • HKMA Chief says stablecoins could become the interface between TradFi and crypto.


  • Paul Veradittakit’s read on 2024 predictions.

  • Kyle Downey’s read on privacy is not a crime.

  • Qiao Wang’s read on Ethereum as the only institution-friendly smart contract chain.

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