Crypto Onramps in Trouble.. What's Next? 🏦

Polychain $400M Fund IV | No Code Web3 Founder

GM folks 👋🏻 - Happy Friday.

Crypto markets are down ~5%. Turns out, the conference curse is real. Jokes aside, the situation around Silvergate is concerning. However, that doesn’t stop Olaf Carlson-Wee, the most drippy crypto mogul, from raising $400M. 

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  • What Matters: Crypto banking risks continue, Silvergate in trouble 🏦

  • Founders-Investors Highlight: Furqan Rydhan, Founder of Thirdweb 👨‍💻

  • Deal Flows: Polychain Capital $400M Fund IV 📈

Narratives: Perpetuals tokens are heating up, especially those on Arbitrum. Be careful though, as the Fed are hinting at even more rate hikes.


Silvergate in Trouble 🏦

State of play: Silvergate, one of the most utilized banks in crypto, announced that its delaying its annual 10-K report, citing that it needs more time to analyze regulatory inquiries. The firm may face DOJ, Congressional, and Bank Regulator inquiries.

  • Silvergate might be facing bankruptcy. It reported a loss of $1B in Q4 2022.

  • Silvergate is a critical crypto on-ramp. There are now questions if it can continue to operate. The stock was down 58%.

  • In the past 24h, Silvergate has lost Coinbase, Circle, Paxos, Galaxy, and CBOE as customers.

What exactly cause Silvergate to be in trouble? — in short, a run on the bank caused by having many crypto-native customers and liquidity duration mismatch.

Matt Levine from Bloomberg explains it best:

The key takeaway: Crypto on-ramp infrastructure is going to be set back in the next 12 month as pro crypto banks deal with regulatory inquiries and massive withdrawals.

  • SEN, Silvergate’s private blockchain, was a key tool for crypto firms and exchanges to efficiently move USD between participants. It was operating 24/7, 365 days a year, unlike traditional fiat infrastructures.

  • Without SEN, and with the ongoing regulatory crackdown, smaller crypto firms will have an extremely difficult time to get banking support.

Why it matters: This is the first contagion from a crypto crash to the traditional financial system. If Silvergate goes under, it will certainly be weaponized by anti-crypto regulators to create reckless rules that will further push crypto innovations outside of the US.

For builders: If you’re a native web3 firm (closer to a DAO vs a web2.5 company), you need to start thinking about your off-chain expenses infrastructure. I’ve seen projects conducting extremely non-kosher practices such as using a personal’s employee CEX account to pay bills. This won’t fly in the new funding environment.

For investors: The problem of efficient crypto on-off ramp is an extremely lucrative space that hasn’t really been solved. Maybe because its considered a “boring business” with not much native web3 components. Those who solve this problem will unlock enormous value.


Furqan Rydhan, Founder of Thirdweb & Founders, Inc.

Furqan Rydhan is the founder of Thirdweb and Founders, Inc. He has an extensive entrepreneurial experience, having founded a few companies, most notably Bebo, which was acquired by Twitch for $25M.

  • Furqan had both business and technical background. He started creating businesses at a young age before taking on multiple tech roles, including as the CTO of AppLovin and Monkey Inferno.

Previous backgrounds:

  • Furqan had jobs as Sr. Software Engineer at ReputationDefender and Product Manager at Cirago International.

  • Furqan has always been business savvy. He founded a computer cooling and modification products in 2002, reaching $1M of revenue in year 1.

The big idea: Thirdweb is a web3 no code development tools that helps builders to build projects. In less than 2 years, it acquired 70,000+ developers and deployed 250,000 contracts amounting to 3m transactions in total.

  • Furqan is also simultaneously building a web3 VC fund, called Founders, Inc. with a focus on investing in early-stage companies. Founders, Inc. now has more than 50 portfolio companies.

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Polychain Capital $400M Fund IV 

🤝 Deal flows remain incredibly strong. This week we saw $360M+ in deals, excluding Polychain’s $400M raise, which will most definitely get done given its track record.

Polychain Capital $400M Fund IV: The powerhouse investment firm is looking to raise $400M for its fourth fund. Founded by the most drippy crypto mogul and first employee of Coinbase, Olaf Carlson-Wee, Polychain now manage $6.6B+ in AUM.

  • The new fund will target early-stage investments.

  • Polychain currently has a team of 45.

  • The firm has 8 active funds, according to its latest 13F filings.

Deal flows in the past week:


  • Coinbase CEO defends staking.

  • Robinhood rolls out crypto wallet for iOS.

  • FTX updates its asset shortfall.

  • Mt. Gox repayments will start March 10.

  • Senators sends a letter to Binance.

  • Polygon launches web3 identification service.

  • Australia announces eAUD plan.

  • Near Protocol starts blockchain operating system.

  • Binance releases AI-powered NFT generator.

  • Lawmakers argue SEC’s crypto accounting policy.

  • Bankless Hosts raising $35M VC fund.

  • Silvergate loses Coinbase, Galaxy, and Paxos.


  • Amber Group’s article on the impact of Ethereum’s Shapella upgrade.

  • DataFinnovation’s article on stablecoin mechanics 4: USDD origin story.

  • @eherrerosj’s thread on Electric Capital’s developer report.

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