๐ŸŽ… Crypto Christmas: Santa Makes Numbers Go Up

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Merry Christmas! Thereโ€™s no newsletter today as the team is out for the holiday season. Itโ€™s either that, or weโ€™re all busy degen-ing and shilling the next meme coins to our family members. Not financial advice.

That said, we want to take this time to thank all of our readers for supporting us throughout 2023.

  • We started this newsletter as a project to address the informational and business intelligence needs of crypto builders and investors.

  • The first issue was sent at the bottom of the bear market.

  • Fast forward a year later, and weโ€™re entering 2024 with a much more positive market sentiment.

We also have a lot of plans for 2024! This includes a new website, a podcast, new original research pieces, and many more. If the last sentence feels like a way for us to keep ourselves accountable, trust your instinct.

Anyway, we hope that all of you use this holiday season to get some rest, touch some grass, and recharge your energy for 2024. Crypto is back, and itโ€™s stronger than ever (fingers crossed).

P.S. This video is from 2020, but I hope it provides a smile to all of you during this holiday season.


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