Arbitrum $55M STIP: What Is the Money Used For?

How are 29 projects using $55M in capital?

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Arbitrum’s $55M Grant
What Will the Recipients Do With the 50M ARB?

The first grant round of Arbitrum’s Short-Term Incentive Program (STIP) has ended. The round was a success with 78M in ARB requested out of the 50M ARB budget.

  • 29 projects will collectively receive 50M ARB tokens, valued at ~$55M.

  • To succeed, an application must reach a 71.51M ARB quorum and receive more than 50% of votes in favor of the proposal.

  • Perps is the sector that receives the largest proportion of the grants (44%), DEXs come in second with 15% and Lending is the third position with (11%).

Here is the list of the top 10 recipients based on the ARB funding amount out of the 29 first-grant-round STIP recipients and what will they do with the grant money:

1 In ARB.

The funding is allocated on a per-grant basis dependent upon the number of votes in favor of each proposal until the 50M ARB budget has been exhausted.

  • Beyond the confirmed recipients, 28 projects including PancakeSwap, Wormhole, and Synapse have surpassed the 50% votes and quorum requirement, yet fell short of the 50M ARB cutoff. These proposals requested ~24.5M ARB in total.

  • The top 5 projects with the highest quorum % that fell short of the budget cutoff are WINR Protocol, WOOFi, Gains Network, DefiEdge, and Synapse. 

However, there is a proposal to “backfund successful STIP proposals” by Savvy DAO to increase the total budget by 21.4M to 71.4M which will increase the recipients to 56 projects.

  • PancakeSwap has removed its proposal from consideration because of KYC requirements.

The 28 projects that fell short of the budget cutoff.

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