$2 Billion US Government BTC Moving

Maker $600M USDe | Paradigm Raising $850M

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Good Morning. I hope you’re doing okay on this downside. We’re in a full-blown price discovery mode, and it will only get more volatile if we get a decisive breakthrough above the $3T market cap. Don’t get shaken out.

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Narratives: Don’t get shaken out

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$2.1B Silk Road Bitcoin Moved by US Government

State of play: A wallet owned by the US government transferred 30,175 Bitcoins, valued at $2.1B at the time of the transaction, to a Coinbase wallet on Tuesday.

  • The US government seized about 50,000 Bitcoins from the Silk Road website in late 2022.

  • The US government's last confirmed sale was in March last year when it sold 9,861 Bitcoins for $216M.

  • Following the news, the value of Bitcoin dropped further to below $65,000. It is now trading in the range of $66,195 to $65,450.

Why it matters: It might be a sign that the US Government thinks the current market environment is favorable and have enough liquidity from the demand side to absorb $2B worth of BTC selling.

For builders and investors: The BTC ecosystem, particularly around BRC-20 and Inscriptions, is a completely different planet that’s worth exploring. So many alphas there that haven’t been uncovered by the western crypto markets.


Should We Farm $ENA in Season 2?

Credits to Thor Hartvigsen for the original thread.

State of play: Ethena's $ENA was airdropped yesterday. On the same day, Ethena also announced the beginning of season 2, called the ‘Sats Campaign.’

Season 1 Reward. The Shard campaign lasted for 6 weeks and generated approximately 360B Shards (points) in total.

  • The airdrop is valued at almost $600M, according to the price at the time of writing.

  • Locking $10,000 USDe on day one yielded a ~$6,400 ENA airdrop, a 64% yield or 560% APY.

  • Buying $10,000 YT-USDe on Pendle at launch led to ~$80,000 in ENA today, an 802% return or 6989% APY.

Season 2 Won’t be as Crazy as Season 1. Season 2 will run for 153 days unless the 5B supply is hit before the deadline. With 1.5B current USDe supply, 3.5B 'Sats' will be farmed.

  • Assuming 15 shards earned per $, the total will be 8T Sats by September's end.

  • If 5% of supply is allocated to S2 and $ENA's FDV is $12B, a $20,000 deposit will earn a 20x daily boost resulting in 61M Sats in 153 days.

  • 61M Sats will be worth ~$4,571 in $ENA or equal to a 22.86% return or 54.68% APY.

Pendle’s USDe Pool on Mantle

  • Pendle's USDe pool on Mantle will be live for 113 days. Currently, it has ~5x leverage but is expected to reach 10x within 24 hours.

  • With similar assumptions as above, the return is estimated to be $33,000 in $ENA, a $13,000 gain on an initial $20,000, resulting in a 68% yield or 223% APY.

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Upbit’s Trading Volume Down 75% on Monday

Upbit, South Korea's largest CEX, saw a 75% drop in daily trading volume from this year's peak on Monday, indicating a slowdown in altcoin trading and potential valuation challenges for digital assets beyond bitcoin and ether.

  • Upbit only registered ~$3B of volume on April 1st.

  • Upbit's volume spiked in two weeks before March 5, fueled by Bitcoin's climb above $70,000 and Ethereum's Dencun upgrade.

  • At its peak, trading on South Korea's crypto exchanges even exceeded local stock market activity.

  • South Korean crypto enthusiasts prefer altcoins over bitcoin and ether.

  • According to an October DeSpread Research study, Upbit investors seek high returns from altcoins despite their risks.


MakerDAO $600M DAI Allocation to USDe

On Monday, a proposal to allocate 600M DAI into USDe and sUSDE was posted in the MakerDAO forum. Both USDe and sUSDe are issued by Ethena Labs.

  • The proposal named Morpho Labs as the channel to allocate the 600M DAI into USDe and sUSDe.

  • The proposal suggests capping allocation at 600M for now.

  • USDe's supply of 1.34B tokens makes up 1.74% of the total Ethereum stablecoin supply.

Aave Chain Initiative through its founder, Marc Zeller, reacted to Maker’s proposal with a proposal to remove the collateral status of $DAI in Aave.

  • The proposal aims to update the risk parameters for DAI by setting the LTV to 0% across all Aave deployments.

  • It also aims to remove the sDAI booster from the Merit program.

  • Marc Zeller stated that “DAI remains an onboarded asset that users are free to borrow.”

Other notable feature updates:

  • Linear launches V2.

  • BadgerDAO launches eBTC.

  • MIMSwap goes live on Blast.

  • AltLayer ALT staking goes live.

  • Metaplex launches Core on devnet.

  • Notional V3 goes live on Ethereum Mainnet.


  • SEC Peirce denounces SAB 121.

  • Crypto(.)com to launch in South Korea.

  • GoldenTree sells its crypto arm to Republic.

  • Binance taps board of directors for the first time.

  • Celestia brings Blobstream solution to Arbitrum Orbit.

  • US Government prepares to move $2B of Silk Road BTC.

  • Paradigm is in talks of raising $750M for a new crypto fund.

  • dYdX plans a legal entity in Cayman, scrapping the existing treasury.

  • Coinbase & Circle challenge the Basel committee’s stablecoin requirements.

  • Singapore widens crypto regulation, enhancing user protection requirements.


  • Our Network’s read on liquid staking tokens.

  • Andre Cronje’s read on Ethena’s risks.

  • Eugene Ng Ah Sio’s read on tracking trading performance.

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